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Article published in Lamorinda Weekly:
Organization for the Naturally Disorganized

What clients say about Spaces In Place

“Thank you for everything — you’ve made my life better.”

Eric P., Emeryville


Christine was an absolute gift for this disorganized person with ADD and working 7 days a week. She helped me through an agonizing move which required a 50% downsizing by keeping me focused, bringing me back to task when I tried to veer off, and making helpful suggestions as to what to keep and what goes. She has an impeccable eye, a fine mind for what makes sense, and a delightful personality. This was of utmost importance as we spent a lot of time together over a few weeks.

Meryl K. San Francisco
Posted on Yelp


Christine, I think you would be rather proud of what I've done! It's not 100% perfect just yet, but I feel like I've made a lot of progress and I can at least find all of the equipment. I am very grateful for your help and providing the inspiration to get organized!

Tracy C., Director of Operations, Technology company, Oakland


I love the way Christine works with me. I had downsized my home and was stuck in the middle of the job. I was feeling depressed and paralyzed by too much clutter in too little space. Before working with Christine, getting rid of stuff felt like "throwing out my past" and with her help, it now feels like "clearing the decks to get on with my future"! Her sunny and cheerful style encourages me and makes our work go easily. She even makes the work we do together feel like fun!

Christine listens very well. She knows how to translate my concerns and needs into practical solutions that fit my style.

Her decorating sense also helped me rearrange my art and furniture to achieve better color combinations and make my living room space more efficient and comforting.

She has helped me feel energized and ready to work on new projects and the things that matter most in my life. I highly recommend Christine.

Anita K., Walnut Creek


Christine is a rare combination of a highly organized person with real interior design finesse. Besides coming up with smart ideas to make my home more efficient, she also has an eye to make it more pleasing to live in by reorganizing what you already own. She has a great sense for colors and style, and bases her recommendations around what she perceives from your tastes and way of living.
I also appreciate her warm, positive and enthusiastic personality, she never made me feel embarrassed or ashamed. You really sense she wants you to succeed and create a sustainable home environment!

Beatrice C., Belmont


Christine is a true professional, she has a great sense of design and organization, but she is also a wonderful person to work with and knows how to trully listen (very rare trait) and understand what YOU need, not what someone else's idea of what you need might be... big difference. I wouldn't hesitate to contact her again and refer her to all my friends!

Valerie A., Walnut Creek


I didn't know how much Christine would be helping me move from Paris to San Francisco. I had decided to sell my house and immigrate to the US to live closer to my two "big" children who had moved to the Bay Area. I was over 80 years young and had lived in Paris in a large, 3-story home for the last 20 years, filled with my lifetime memorabilia, paintings, sculpture, art books - I'm an art collector, and numerous files of stories - I'm a story teller.

I'm so grateful Christine was my partner for this move over the oceans, my big life's achievement. She was incredibly resourceful and determined when it came to manage all the logistics, from the paper work involved with the immigration Services to selecting the right moving company. And she was compassionate and supportive when it came to sorting out, selecting what would go to San Francisco and was would not, what to sell and where, what to donate to friends. Letting go of so many of my "stuff" was not easy, and at the same time very healing. Doing it with Christine was a unique, wonderful experience.

Marie-Louise H., Paris - San Francisco


Thank you again for all your work. I definitely feel it was worth while and I'm very glad I worked with you. It makes me very glad to think of all my beautiful sewing things finding their way to people who will enjoy and appreciate them.

Carol V. Danville


Thanks again for all your help, patience, and kindness, Christine. I was truly blessed to have found you, and cannot possibly ask any more of you.

Jackie D., Pleasanton


Dear volunter, thank you for all your hard work, energy and humor at organizing St Mary's!  Hope to have you back!

Rebuilding Together San Francisco

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