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Christine Dodier,
founder and promoter of spaces in place

As a professional organizer, my passion is to help people transform their lives by creating harmonious spaces in their environment. Once their environments are organized, my clients find they also open up space within their mind, body and spirit, increasing their energy, clarity and overall sense of wellbeing.

Citizen of the World. A French native from Paris, I settled down in the Bay Area near beautiful San Francisco fourteen years ago, fulfilling my lifelong dream. I bring a distinct set of experiences and interactions, starting from a very young age, all contributing to my skills and passion for this work. From childhood in France, I learned about the importance of functionality and beauty of spaces from my father, who was an architect. I learned about the roles individual objects play in our lives from my mother, who was an art gallery and antique dealer. And my Japanese-American husband has helped me develop a unique blend of east and west flair, and has taught me that less is often more.

I received certification in interior design assistant from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2004. My 20+ years of professional experience on both sides of the Atlantic includes managing and implementing a wide variety of customized projects and events in the worlds of interior design, furniture, public relations and high-technology, including 7 years at Apple Europe. Now, looking back, I have a deep inner sense that each experience was preparing me to become a professional organizer!

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAPO (NAPO-SFBA), the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and the Holistic Organizers Group.

Why Should You Choose Me?
I bring a Holistic Approach to my work. My goal is for my clients to not only enjoy the spaces we create together, but also to feel that spaciousness from within, helping them transform their lives in many ways.

I am a natural born organizer with interior design credentials. This means I am not only able to organize your space efficiently, but I also create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and professionally designed.

I come from a family background in architecture, art and beauty. My father was an architect, who showed me how to incorporate and visualize the beauty and function in spaces. My mother was an art gallery and antique dealer, who taught me to appreciate the importance of single objects and the role they have in your environment. My husband was born in Japan and has helped me create a unique blend of east and west perspectives in relation to space.

I strive for your long-term wellbeing. With integrity, honesty and respect for your spaces, I listen, translate your needs, and bring clarity, purpose, and customized solutions to you. As your guide and coach, I encourage you through the process, and my goal is for you to be able to continue using the skills we set in place on your own to manage your long term organization needs as you wish.

I am a good listener with empathy and compassion, so you can be sure your space will be just what you want and need it to be.

I make it fun! We work together as I encourage you and make suggestions. You'll feel lightness coming into your life as we get deeper into your project.

"I love the way Christine works with me. I had downsized my home and was stuck in the middle of the job. I was feeling depressed and paralyzed by too much clutter in too little space. Before working with Christine, getting rid of stuff felt like "throwing out my past" and with her help, it now feels like "clearing the decks to get on with my future"! Her sunny and cheerful style encourages me and makes our work go easily. She even makes the work we do together feel like fun!" ~Anita K, Walnut Creek

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