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Tell me more about holistic organizing
Holistic Organizing emphasizes the importance of your whole environment and surroundings in your life. It focuses on providing the practical solutions, tools, and conditions you need to translate your initial ideas into a warm, inviting living or working space that fits your unique needs and dreams. It can help you feel in control, and more energized or calm, while gaining more inner clarity and harmony. It allows you to create systems and methods that you'll want to use and enjoy, since it promotes a way for you to thrive.

Why can I trust you?
I am committed to helping my clients gain energy and calm from their space(s). I always have the following in mind as I work on a project:

• The most efficient and functional aspects of your space.
• The harmony of your space.
• Your long-term wellbeing.

I am committed to creating uncluttered, comfortable, healthy spaces that reflect who you are and enhance your lifestyle and your sense of aesthetics. I know that your home is your refuge, your sanctuary and a personal resource for peace and joy; and I know that your workspace is one that needs to help you embrace confidence, clarity and productivity. With excitement and conviction, I approach each project as I help you balance those spaces.
Our work together is fully confidential. With a non-judgmental approach, and compassion and integrity guaranteed, I honor my clients from where they are, helping them transform as they are ready. I fully respect my clients and am grateful they have allowed me to enter their life and home.

As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), I honor their Code of Ethics in all of my professional relationships.

How do we start? What do I need to prepare before your visit?
The initial 30-minute "Meet & Greet" Session is an opportunity to meet, perform a brief assessment and see if what I do is a good fit for you. You walk me through your space, share your frustrations, your needs and your goals. Besides your openness to change, there is nothing for you to do or prepare for this session.

From there, you can choose from one of my value-based packages, designed to deliver results while providing education, expertise and support.  These packages offer a number of on-site half-day organizing sessions.

I also offer a Detailed on-site Assessment for a fee. It includes a 1½ to 2 hours consultation and results in a written Action Plan, with recommendations that you can implement yourself (DIY), or with my assistance.

Of course, on-site organizing is also available on an hourly basis, as well as maintenance / tune up sessions for on-going clients.

How long does a session Last?
Generally, sessions lasting three to four hours are recommended. In my experience, this amount of time allows us get results without draining your energy. 

My value-based packages are based on half-day sessions that are a minimum of 3 hours but do not exceed 4 hours. So, no pressure to watch the clock, we're done when you're done!

Will you tell me what to keep and what to throw out?
Without judgment and influence, I will gently guide you to make those decisions for yourself. We all have "stuff" we don't use, need or like; objects or papers that were important or meaningful at one point, but do not serve us anymore. De-cluttering requires some degree of letting go. If it feels good to you to let go of certain objects, then I will encourage you to do so, but I will never force that upon you. Donating is a great option to help you feel good about letting go, knowing it will do good for someone else, and I can help you with that as well.

Do I need to buy boxes and containers?
Our first goal will be to use items that you already have. It may be necessary for you to purchase some additional items, and when that time comes, I will guide you as to what to purchase and from where to make sure you are getting what is going to work best for you at the best price. If you'd like, I can handle the shopping for you.

How long will it take?
Each client is unique, so the time needed will depend on your ability to make decisions and your motivation level, as well as the scope of your project. It also depends if you make progress on your own between our organizing sessions.

If you have a specific deadline, I will help you set up a reasonable schedule to achieve your goals on time. We will find the balance to move ahead at the right pace to enjoy the results, and keep inner peace and adjustment to the changes you are making.

How will I stay organized after you're gone?
Organization is an ongoing process, not a destination. I will work with you to implement processes and systems that you'll be able and want to follow with ease, because they fit you. Sometimes systems need to be adjusted as your life takes on new transformations, and I am here to help you readjust your systems as needed.

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